Final Word from Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Can Václav Klaus possibly not know that David Cameron is fighting against Brexit, not in favor of it, as he stated in Právo? Did he perhaps confuse Cameron with Boris Johnson when he declared that Cameron is only playing the Brexit card for the public and, once in the booth, will vote against leaving the EU? Fortunately for his readers, Klaus is more attuned when it comes to EU policy toward mandatory quotas. Brussels is going to pass them come rain or shine, he says, regardless of what Czechs think about them. Klaus wants Czech politicians to act more like Viktor Orbán and make it clear that the CR won't accept the quotas. What do we have instead? Bohuslav Sobotka calls for a European solution to the crisis but remains outwardly opposed to mandatory quotas, which are about as European in concept as you can get. Sobotka gives the impression that if a referendum were taken, he'd leave the booth having voted in favor of quotas. [Czech Republic European Commission Union refugee]

Glossary of difficult words

(voting) booth - a compartment with one open side in which one voter at a time stands to mark his or her ballot;

attuned - receptive or aware of;

come rain or shine - no matter what; whether it rains or not.

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