Final Word from Wednesday, September 7, 2016

After we reported on Aug. 18 that ČEZ had run 16 full-page ads in Právo in the preceding 13 days, eight times more than in any other newspaper, the ads quickly dried up. Maybe it was because the Olympics were ending, or maybe someone was afraid the mainstream media (and not just the pesky Final Word) would connect the dots between ČEZ's generous support for Právo and the newspaper's sudden enthusiasm for Milan Chovanec's police reorganization. Alas, none of the CR's great investigative reporters took up the issue. One of those great scribes, Janek Kroupa, had already become a leading cheerleader for the reorganization, and none of the others were impelled to action by a possible criminal conspiracy involving lawyer-lobbyists of ČSSD a.s., politicians, top police brass, a leading publisher and the CR's largest listed company. The risk of wide exposure now having passed, ČEZ is again running daily full-page ads in Právo. [Czech Republic stock exchange PSE advertisement]

Glossary of difficult words

pesky - causing trouble; annoying;

to connect the dots - to draw logical inferences connecting items of information to reveal something previously hidden or unknown;

scribe - (humorous) a writer, esp. a journalist;

cheerleader - an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of someone or something; a member of a team that performs organized cheering, chanting, and dancing in support of a sports team at matches;

listed company - a company whose shares are traded on a stock exchange;

to impel - to drive, force, or urge (someone) to do something;

(top) brass - people in authority or of high military rank.

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