Final Word from Thursday, September 15, 2016

One of the biggest successes of ČSSD a.s. in its battle with Agrofert a.s. is to convince many analysts, journalists, embassies and NGOs that one criminal organization is better than the other. The 75% of the media that favor ČSSD applauded yesterday's vote in Parliament on tightening the conflict-of-interest rules for ministers, without acknowledging that this opens the door to more theft by the other side. Anyone who casts doubt on yesterday's vote will now be labeled a Babiš-lover by the ČSSD-friendly media, just as anyone who criticizes Hillary Clinton is often ridiculed as being a Trump-lover, or anyone who dislikes U.S. foreign policy is pigeonholed as pro-Russian. Do we really need to take sides every time, as though there were only two options? What the world needs are more people who stand up and say that both sides are rotten, that both sides are leading us down the road to hell, and that only we can do something about it. [Czech Republic Donald Vladimir Putin Russia]

Glossary of difficult words

to tighten - to make something more restrictive;

to pigeonhole - to assign to a particular category, typically an overly restrictive one;

rotten - morally, socially, or politically corrupt.

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