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Admirers of the concept of a strong president might have mixed feelings when it comes to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The referendum he won on Sunday gives him broad powers to set his country on the course he wants it to take, but Erdogan's goals could conflict with Europe's own interests even more so than in the case of Vladimir Putin. When Erdogan calls on Turks living in Europe to "stake a claim" to their new European homeland and new motherland by having not just three, but five children, he is demonstrating a transborder nationalism that Europe is unable to deal with. Miloš Zeman, an admirer of strong presidents other than Erdogan, can emphasize the need to control the EU borders with Turkey as a way to stop a "well-organized invasion" of migrants, but this is only part of Erdogan's arsenal. Thanks to Europe's Christian generosity, the Turkish diaspora Erdogan is addressing is here to stay, and procreation will take care of the rest. [Czech Republic authority refugees]

Glossary of difficult words

to stake a claim to - to assert one's right to something;

diaspora - the dispersion or spread of a people from its original homeland;

procreation - reproduction; production of young.

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