Final Word from Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mummies, zombies and white walkers have taken over the airwaves and are infiltrating political parties. Bohuslav Sobotka has mummified ČSSD, and Milan Chovanec and Lubomír Zaorálek have been deputized to lead the resurgence. But can a walker be turned back? And if so, what does ČSSD want to be when it returns to the land of the living? Will it decide to be a political party first and foremost, or will it remain primarily a commercially driven entity that abuses the power of the state to the benefit of members of ČSSD a.s.? This is far more important than replacing Sobotka as the party chairman or election leader. Corruption will always be a part of political parties, but it doesn't have to be the raison d'être. If the new ČSSD takes a firm stance against ČSSD a.s. on issues such as OKD, the Altner penalty, the Rath wiretaps, ČEZ and the Škoda Transportation-Czech Railways arbitration, ANO will suddenly have a real reason to fear the walking dead. [Czech Republic Zdeněk David Prague Superior Court]

Glossary of difficult words

walking dead - a zombie;

Fear the Walking Dead - a U.S. television series about zombies;

(white) walker - a zombie;

to infiltrate - to introduce oneself or someone into an organization in order to influence it or acquire secret information;

to mummify - to make something resemble a mummy;

to turn (back) - television slang meaning to become a zombie (or to again become a human).

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