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A parent's love and guidance are the most important things a child can receive. The next-best thing is the love and guidance of a grandparent or other close relative. Generous and loving relatives, low worker and social mobility that keeps family members in close proximity, above-average maternity leave and also a lack of affordable facilities mean that, according to OECD figures, only 6% of Czech and Slovak infants up to age three attend pre-school. This is the lowest rate in the OECD, with only Mexico (9%) and Poland (11%) in the same league. Beyond that, the rates range from 14% (Greece) to 65% (Denmark). Yet for children age 3-5, the rate for the CR jumps to 80%, which is well within the OECD average. In almost all cases, the family is a better rearer of children in the very early years, yet the trend of governments and international organizations is to push infants quickly into the arms of the state. When was the last time the state responded with a loving hug? [Czech Republic nursery child care]

Glossary of difficult words

proximity - nearness in space, time, or relationship;

rearer - one who rears or raises (children, for example).

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