Final Word from Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Robert Pelikán doesn't speak very often to Respekt, but he chose it as his instrument for making an "outrageous" political statement yesterday about the police and political interference that most voters will probably agree with. The choice of Respekt was brilliant. It is a bastion of the truth-and-lovenik movement, whose adherents for whatever reason tend to believe that the criminals associated with ČSSD are somehow better than the criminals associated with ANO. When Interior Min. Milan Chovanec of ČSSD came out of temporary obscurity yesterday to contradict Pelikán's claim, it was a stark reminder that this is a continuation of the Chovanec-Babiš war over police reform, except that this time it is Andrej Babiš of Agrofert a.s. who risks being arrested, not Radek Pokorný of ČSSD a.s. Careful readers with long memories will recall that Respekt was skeptical from the very beginning of that police reform. Even to Respekt the timing of it stank. [Czech Republic reorganization]

Glossary of difficult words

stink stank stunk - the simple present, simple past and past participle of the verb “stink”; the simple past can also be "stunk"; 

bastion - an institution, place, or person strongly maintaining particular principles, attitudes, or activities; 

truth-and-lovenik - (derived in the same way as peacenik) our translation of "Pravdoláskař," which is often used to refer to followers of Václav Havel;

stark - unpleasantly or sharply clear;

to stink - (in this context) to suggest or smell of impropriety or improper behavior.


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