Final Word from Thursday, October 12, 2017

Czechs are constantly reminding themselves that they're stuck between two powerhouses, Germany and Russia, but when it comes to picking fights, they prefer to go farther away geographically or historically. Australians are the perfect target, so European Metals Holdings is a godsend. Before the Australians, Czech politicians had mainly the French. Andrej Babiš originally boasted about knowing Emmanuel Macron and serving as his inspiration for some of his policies, but then Babiš realized he would get more traction by criticizing Macron's integration policies. Lubomír Zaorálek snaps at French companies for underpaying their Czech workers and engaging in social dumping. His party would never hint at taking Škoda Auto back from the Germans, but its program calls indirectly for running the French out of the Czech water business. French-bashing is one of the few things ANO and ČSSD can agree on. They know the French will get over it after the elections. [Czech Republic France]

Glossary of difficult words

bully - a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker;

powerhouse - a person or thing of great energy, strength, or power;

godsend - a very helpful or valuable event, person, or article;

to get/gain traction - to receive public recognition or acceptance;

to snap at - to say something quickly and irritably;

to bash - fiercely to criticize or oppose;

to get over - to recover from.

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