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Martin Roman was already a very rich man before he ever became CEO of ČEZ and embarked on the energy company's Balkan follies. As CEO and co-owner of Škoda Holding, he got rich on Russian money. First he made deals in 2003 with CEO Vladimir Yakunin of Russian Railways that benefited what later became Škoda Transportation. This same Vladimir Yakunin is the friend of Miloš Zeman and Vladimir Putin who is often used as evidence of the Czech president's close ties to the Kremlin. Roman then sold the CR's nuclear-power expertise, Škoda JS, to a Gazprom unit in 2004. He also sold what later became Pilsen Steel to the same Gazprom unit. These high-level deals gave Roman the expertise and connections he would need as CEO of ČEZ to sign a nuclear-fuel deal in 2006 with TVEL of Russia, instead of Westinghouse. Keep these transactions in mind as you read in the "liberal" media owned or funded by Roman about who the agents of the Kremlin are. [Czech Republic railroad Jaderné strojírenství OMZ-Power Machines Plzeň]

Glossary of difficult words

to embark on/upon - to begin (a course of action);

folly - a foolish act, idea or practice.

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