Final Word from Monday, November 27, 2017

The world is increasingly becoming specialized, and it's hard to succeed anymore by dabbling. Most of those who think they can play around in the stock market or in real estate will eventually lose their money, because they're up against seasoned professionals who have been doing this around-the-clock for years, using the most up-to-date financial and professional techniques. Politics is similar. Jiří Pospíšil was essentially elected part-time chairman of TOP 09 yesterday. He plans to remain in Brussels and Strasbourg as an MEP, travelling home on a regular basis to run a party that is in such bad shape that its new chairman talks about his shared conviction with Miroslav Kalousek of preventing it from perishing. To make matters worse, Pospíšil's first vice chair, Markéta Pekarová Ada­mová, has also made it clear that her top priority lies elsewhere. Unless Pospíšil wants TOP 09 to remain a 5% party at best, he should give up his cushy seat in the European Parliament and devote himself fully to TOP 09. This won't guarantee success, but it's the bare minimum in today's world of specialization. [Czech Republic chairwoman European parliamentarian]

Glossary of difficult words

to dabble - to take part in an activity in a casual or superficial way;

to perish - to die;

cushy - (of a job or situation) undemanding, easy, or secure;

bare - basic and simple.

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