Final Word from Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The appearance of CEO Daniel Beneš of ČEZ on the victor's podium after the presidential elections on Sat. caused a political shitstorm in Prague and is still being analyzed from all angles. One of the quickest and toughest reactions came from Dep. Director Jakub Janda of the European Values think-tank. He said on Facebook that Beneš, Vratislav Mynář and Martin Nejedlý are part of a mafia that is trying to take over the country. Yet for many people, Daniel Beneš is merely the long arm of ex-CEO Martin Roman of ČEZ, whose web includes dozens of people and companies that enjoy complete immunity, according to Petr Honzejk of HN. One of Roman's pals, Tomáš Krsek, made billions off deals with Czech Railways and DP Praha transit company and gave Kč 1m of this money to Jiří Drahoš's campaign. Krsek's former company, Škoda Transportation, also gave Kč 200,000 to Janda's own think-tank. When it suits someone's purposes, mafiaism is a European Value. [Czech Republic Hospodářské noviny diagram Castle Miloš Zeman]

Glossary of difficult words

shitstorm - (mildly vulgar, but even used by Angela Merkel) a situation marked by violent controversy;

pal - friend.

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