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There's a big difference between being in the opposition to Andrej Babiš as an upstart politician, a renegade finance minister or an obdurate prime minister "in resignation," and being in the opposition to Andrej Babiš as the confirmed PM of the country. The role of the parliamentary opposition in this process is clear, but what about the media that have been against Babiš for the duration of his tenure in politics? U.S. newspapers and TV stations had to decide whether to take a supportive role, a middle road, or a position of contempt against Pres. Donald Trump. Now it's the turn of the Czech media. How they responded to the reelection of Miloš Zeman provides a clue, but it's not necessarily fully indicative. Babiš as PM will have far greater influence than Zeman over decisions affecting relations with the government, which media moguls such as Zdeněk Bakala, Daniel Křetínský and Ivo Lukačovič will have to weigh in making what could be a fateful decision. [Czech Republic Economia Czech News Center]

Glossary of difficult words

upstart - (derogatory) a person who has risen suddenly in rank or importance, esp. one who behaves arrogantly;

obdurate - stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or course of action;

duration - the time during which something continues;

tenure - a period for which an office is head;

indicative - serving as a sign or indication of something;

to weigh - to assess the nature or importance of, esp. with a view to a decision or action;

fateful - having far-reaching and often disastrous consequences or implications.

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