Final Word from Thursday, July 12, 2018

MP Miroslava Němcová of ODS told Parliament shortly before this morning's successful vote of confidence that the day-long debate in Parliament was a case of wagging the dog. Discussion about the new government's program statement was just a smokescreen, she said, and the real issue was the secret power-political pact between ANO and KSČM. She added that ČSSD, as the official coalition partner, is merely playing second fiddle in the relationship. She and others in ODS refer to the new government as "semi-Communist" and declare their intention to bring it down early. Yet to do this, they will need 101 votes in Parliament. The opposition has only 92, and by ODS's own calculation, SPD will be there if Andrej Babiš needs it. This means that ODS can fulfil its goal of bringing down the government only if it convinces the Communists that their "secret power-political pact" with ANO doesn't exist. To topple Babiš, ODS must in effect make its own pact with KSČM. [Czech Republic confirmation Party]

Glossary of difficult words

wagging the dog - used to indicate that attention is purposely being diverted from something of greater importance to something of lesser importance;

to play second fiddle - to have a subordinate role to someone or something;

to topple - to remove (a government or person in authority) from power.

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