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PM Andrej Babiš and Pres. Miloš Zeman will never, ever install Miroslav Poche as foreign minister. As they see it, he is the direct representative of those who have been trying for years to run them out of politics. He's a representative of those who concocted the Stork's Nest scandal, created Jiří Drahoš, pay for protesters to chant "StB, StB," fund the anti-Babiš and anti-Zeman media, control Czech TV, and plant negative stories in the Western media. Don't confuse this group with ČSSD. It's the subgroup ČSSD a.s., and it promotes and defends the business interests of Martin Roman, Zdeněk Bakala, Radek Pokorný and others of their clan. The best this group can now hope for at the foreign ministry is a C-Team player such as Tomáš Petříček, whom Babiš and Zeman think they could control. ČSSD's best interest would be for Jan Hamáček to remain at Foreign Affairs and to turn Interior over to someone else, but ČSSD's best interest was never, ever the interest of ČSSD a.s. [ Czech Republic Television criminal charges ]

Glossary of difficult words

off the (starting) blocks - (from track & field) at or from the starting position; immediately;

to concoct - to create or devise (a story or plan);

to chant - to say or shout repeatedly in a sing-song tone;

to plant - to put or place in a discreet way; to put an idea in someone's brain, head or thinking.

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