Final Word from Monday, September 17, 2018

When China one day writes the history of its triumph over Western civilization, it will praise the Western liberal elite for having the wisdom to aid it in its decades-long endeavor. The Economist, which is one of the bibles of elitist Western progressives, issued a "manifesto for renewing liberalism" on Fri. The unstated bottom line of the long call to action is that the West should support China more than ever now that Donald Trump is upending the post-World War II order that has brought prosperity to so many people. "China's ambitions to make the yuan an international currency should, in general, be welcomed," The Economist wrote. It will be difficult to convince some Czech liberals to openly support the expansion of Chinese Communism, but they have a willing leader in this respect. Pres. Miloš Zeman might be a Homo Sovieticus when it comes to Russia, but he is on the front line in supporting China as a savior of the liberal world order. [ Czech Republic democracy reserve ]

Glossary of difficult words

endeavor - an attempt to achieve a goal;

bottom line - the fundamental and most important factor;

to upend - to turn something upside down.

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