Final Word from Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Czech TV reported last night that George Soros helped fund the opposition that brought down the authoritarian regimes in both post-Soviet Georgia and Ukraine. Soros is also now prepared to devote a large part of his fortune to his conflict with Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, ČT stated. The obvious question viewers were left with is whether Soros will succeed again in helping to bring down a foreign power. Regardless of whether someone agrees with Soros's politics, it should seem strange that a single individual is able to exercise such influence over foreign governments. The U.S. neutrality act makes it illegal for a person located within the U.S. to plan, fund or take part in any "military or naval expedition or enterprise" against a country with which the U.S. is at peace, because such a coup d'état could go against U.S. foreign-policy interests. Planning, funding or taking part in a non-violent coup against a country at peace with the U.S. isn't illegal, but if Washington thought that Soros's efforts were at odds with U.S. foreign interests, it could no doubt find a way to get him to stand down. [ Czech Republic United States Television ]

Glossary of difficult words

expedition - (in this context) a journey undertaken by a group of people for the purpose of war;

at odds with - in conflict or at variance with;

to stand down - to cease engaging or being prepared to engage in a conflict.

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