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Jaromír Soukup invited Pavol Krúpa onto one of his shows last Thur. and referred to Krúpa's Arca Capital as "perhaps the most famous of the Slovak raiders." He invited Krúpa, he said, because he wanted to show that he isn't against all Czech and Slovak billionaires, just those who earned their money in dishonest deals with the state. Krúpa repaid him the compliment by saying that he likes to watch Soukup's "Kauzy" show, because it gives him ideas of whom to attack. The next day, one of the "enemies" that Krúpa had identified and attacked, Zdeněk Bakala, filed a lawsuit in South Carolina against Krúpa and others for racketeering. This is a sweeping paragraph of the U.S. Code that you don't want to mess with. Bakala's lawsuit reportedly argues that Krúpa tried to extort Kč 500m from him. Under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), Krúpa would not necessarily have even needed to set foot in the U.S. If he had known this, he might not have told Soukup on Thur. that he goes after people who have stolen things. This is almost an admission of a RICO violation. [ Czech Republic corruption extortion corporate OKD Slovakia ]

Glossary of difficult words

raider - a person who takes or attempts to take control of a firm against the will of current management by purchasing a controlling interest of stock and acquiring proxies; a person who attacks business premises in order to steal;

racketeering - dishonest and fraudulent business dealings;

sweeping - wide in range or effect.

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