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For some people, TOP 09 Chair Jiří Pospíšil is an overly cautious opportunist who is willing to reach a compromise with anyone if it serves his personal political ambitions. For others, he is a diplomatic consensus-seeker who tries to ratchet situations down instead of up. He now finds himself in an ideal situation for allowing his true self to come out. His coalition of TOP 09 and STAN is in the position of kingmaker at Prague city hall. Two of the five parties (Pirates, Praha sobě) don't want to work with two of the others (ODS, ANO), which leaves Pospíšil's team to decide the fate of the city. If Pospíšil sides with the Pirates and Praha sobě, he will always be in the shadow of Jan Čižinský. If he throws in with ODS and ANO (perhaps in the form of a minority "reform" government), he can claim the mayor's seat and start positioning himself to become a clear favorite to succeed Miloš Zeman as president. If Pospíšil plays his hand well, the kingmaker can become king of the Castle. [ Czech Republic municipal elections 2018 ]

Glossary of difficult words

to ratchet up/down - to cause something to rise/fall as a step in what is perceived as an irreversible process;

kingmaker - a person who brings leaders to power through the exercise of political influence;

to side with - to support in a conflict, dispute or debate;

to throw (in one’s lot) with - to decide to ally oneself closely with and share the fate of (a person or group).

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