Final Word from Monday, February 11, 2019

Hardly anyone has noticed, but the last time Pres. Miloš Zeman said or did anything in true support of Huawei was on Jan 20, when he gave an hour-long interview to TV Blesk. He spent 10 of the 60 minutes defending Huawei to the death and repeated claims that the NÚKIB cybersecurity office misled the Babiš government about the security risk and did not present any evidence. Since then, Zeman's words have been more on the level of moral support for Huawei. Not even after meeting with the Chinese ambassador and Huawei officials did the Czech president have anything substantial to say in Huawei's defense. Regardless of what Czech TV might want to suggest, nearly the entire Czech political establishment, with the notable exception of the Communists, has accepted that NÚKIB is a state within a state under the cybersecurity law and that the cabinet and Parliament have essentially no control over it. Zeman, too, has grudgingly accepted this, at least for now. [ Czech Republic Television China ]

Glossary of difficult words

grudgingly - in a reluctant or unenthusiastic way.

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