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The Pirates brought the issue of "how easy it is to order a criminal action against someone" to the floor of Parliament last week by asking Justice Min. Marie Benešová to release the analysis she did for Miloš Zeman. Benešová refused, saying that the document isn't public. Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman then entered the fray, stating that he hasn't seen the document and therefore can't comment on it. In general, he said, if there is excessive behavior within law enforcement, the system is able to react and has in the past. "From this point of view," he said, "I can fundamentally rule out the notion that it is possible in the CR to order a criminal action with impunity." The key words are the last two, "with impunity." He never stated that it isn't possible to order a criminal action against someone, merely that it's out of the question for someone to get away with it. Where he and Benešová disagree is whether all of the "excessive behavior" is being properly pursued. [ Czech Republic new minister proceedings ]

Glossary of difficult words

impunity - exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action;

the fray - a situation of intense competitive activity;

to get away with - to escape blame, punishment or undesirable consequences for (an act that is wrong or mistaken);

to pursue - (in this context) to take legal action against.

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