Final Word from Thursday, January 30, 2020

New Transport Min. Karel Havlíček said that he has not seen Andrej Babiš so angry in a long time as he was about the contract for electronic highway stamps. Well, it must have been a fake anger if Petr Holub of Echo24 is right that Babiš was merely waiting for an excuse to sack Vladimír Kremlík. Babiš is good at summoning his anger when he needs it, but the real expert at this is Václav Klaus Sr. It helped him tame the media and get to the top of Czech politics. Alas, his son is nowhere near as good at it and appears to be in almost a constant state of anger. He's not the only one. Other leading politicians, most notably Petr Fiala, display just a bit too much pent-up ambition. Voters are also increasingly in a state of perma-anger about domestic and world affairs, but they don't want politicians who always throw it back at them. To displace Babiš, the opposition parties might need to call in some personal coaches and hold classes on anger management - their own and their voters'. [ Czech Republic minister ODS Tricolor ANO ]

Glossary of difficult words

to summon - (in this context) to make an effort to produce (a particular quality or reaction) from within oneself;

to tame - to make less powerful and easier to control;

pent-up - (of emotions, energy, etc.) unable to be expressed or released.

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