Final Word from Thursday, April 2, 2020

As of last last Fri., retail self-service grocery stores must provide single-use gloves or something similar at each entrance. There's no requirement to actually use the gloves, but not everyone reads special orders from the health minister or government decrees, esp. not members of the voluntary civil protection brigade. These little old ladies with nothing better to do often monitor customers arriving at a local Albert or other store and physically block anyone who dares not to take two of those flimsy hand coverings. Sometimes these busybodies even raise a fist against the vile perpetrator, blissfully unaware that they are the ones violating the law by limiting the personal freedom of a law-abiding citizen. They go to all of that trouble and risk to make a customer fumble around with a pack of gloves until finally detaching two of them. Under the watchful eyes of the civil protection brigade, the wad of gloves becomes the one thing in the store that almost every customer must touch. [ Czech Republic squad coronavirus Adam Vojtěch ]

Glossary of difficult words

flimsy- insubstantial and easily damaged; (of a pretext or account) weak and unconvincing;

to raise a hand/fist against - to strike someone or threaten to do so;

busybody - a meddling or prying person;

vile - morally bad; wicked;

perpetrator - a person who carries out a harmful, illegal or immoral act;

blissful - extremely happy; full of joy;

law-abiding - obedient to the laws of society;

to fumble (around) with - to do or handle something clumsily;

wad - a bundle or large amount of something.

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