Final Word from Tuesday, June 23, 2020

We live in the era of destruction, during which the Western world is systematically tearing down many of the monuments of its civilization built over generations, some of which were good, and some bad. It's nothing new that courts have been manipulated to achieve greater societal aims at the expense of the individual. The Czech Constitutional Court, after all, agreed on "shared sovereignty" with the EU. Courts have also been manipulated on occasion to benefit specific privileged individuals. More important than for a lawyer to know the law, goes the saying, is for him to know the judge. What's relatively new is a systemic ruling on a high level that is both destructive to society and benefits only a few. The Czech Supreme Court's denial of wiretaps in a case of Jana Nagyová Nečasová is such a ruling. Crippling the institution of police surveillance to help a single group of people undermines the entire judicial system and is another step toward the breakdown of our civilization. [ Czech Republic wiretapping Petr Nečas VZ Military Intelligence ]

Glossary of difficult words

to cripple - to deprive of the ability to function normally;

breakdown - a failure of a relationship or system;

wiretap - a listening device used to conduct surveillance, typically one connected to a phone line;

surveillance - close observation, esp. of a suspected spy or criminal.

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