Final Word from Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Culture Min. Lubomír Zaorálek came out of quarantine in a fighting mood. He told Právo that the entire EuroAtlantic community reacted too slowly to the corona crisis, that he dislikes the "cancel" culture that is tearing down monuments, and that we allow weak politicians to be put in place to run the EU. Nor did he like the EU Parliament's recent anti-Babiš resolution and said that the legislative body hasn't yet found its proper place. He didn't mention the EU Parliament's recent resolution in support of Black Lives Matter, but this document fits well into what he was saying. Just as the anti-Babiš resolution sought to influence the Czech judiciary, the Black Lives Matter document, "Calls on the Government and authorities of the United States to take decisive steps to address the structural racism and inequalities in the country, as reflected in police brutality." After years of objecting to the way the U.S. tries to impose its values on others, the EU Parliament is now doing the same, but with far less enforcement power. The Black Lives Matter resolution passed easily, with the support of all but a few of the CR's MEPs. [ Czech Republic George Floyd ČSSD European Union Andrej coronavirus covid-19 ]

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