Final Word from Thursday, September 17, 2020

Dep. Prague Mayor Adam Scheinherr started talking again about raising bus & metro prices just as the former head of a company that printed tickets for DP Praha spoke in court about a ticket scam that might have cost the city billions of crowns. Vladimír Sitta Sr. told Prague Municipal Court last week that, as director of Neograph, he decided to cancel a ticket contract with DP Praha in 2011 after media reports linked Neograph to counterfeit transit tickets. Sitta's son, Vladimír Jr., said at the time in his position as an expert of counterfeiting that one-third of the Kč 26 tickets were fake. CEO Martin Dvořák of DPP sharply denied this, and the matter soon went away. The court is now going to great effort to get to the bottom of an alleged tunnel job that saw 17 hellers from each printed ticket go offshore, while billions of crowns from counterfeits are being ignored. It seems pretty clear that Neograph was printing real tickets during the day and "truly high-quality counterfeits" at night. [ Czech Republic deputy tram transit fraud counterfeiting ]

Glossary of difficult words

scam - a fraud; a dishonest scheme;

to get to the bottom of - to find an explanation (for a mystery).

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