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Donald J. Trump will go down in history not only as the only U.S. president to be impeached twice, but also as the only U.S. president to ban his "friends" from the Czech Republic and other European countries from setting foot in "the great United States of America" (as he likes to refer to it). Czech news reports spoke yesterday about how the U.S. CDC will require all arriving air passengers to be pre-tested for covid as of Jan. 26, but this is the least of the problems of Europeans who want to visit America. As the Czech foreign ministry puts it, "A citizen of the CR may not travel to the USA if he or she was physically present in the Schengen states, Great Britain, Ireland, Brazil, China or Iran in the preceding 14 days." This ban has been in effect for more than 300 days, since Trump signed Presidential Proclamation 9993 on March 11, 2020. The sad reality is that it has been easier for a regular Czech to travel to China - which requires double testing - than to visit Donald Trump's America. [ Czech Republic Centers for Disease Control and Prevention covid-19 coronavirus impeachment ]

Glossary of difficult words

legacy - something handed down by an ancestor or predecessor;

to set foot in/on - to enter;

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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