Final Word from Tuesday, February 9, 2021

In a rule-of-law country a person is innocent until proven guilty, but this will not apply to hundreds of thousands of Czech schoolchildren. They will all be presumed to be infected with the coronavirus - and guilty of being transmitters of the disease - until it is proven otherwise by often-unreliable tests from China. Those who refuse to take a corona test will be denied entry into school. Yet there is a constitutional right to an education, and there is a constitutional duty to attend school. Those who refuse a test or who test positive will be required to stay at home and will be prevented from performing their constitutional duty. They will not be allowed anything resembling a constitutionally mandated education. The government has provided no reliable evidence of the infection and transmission rates among schoolchildren, yet it is presuming that they are all infected and infectious until proven corona-innocent. What kind of society turns its greatest treasures into criminals? [ Czech Republic covid-19 schooling ]

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to resemble - to have a similar appearance to or qualities in common with (someone or something); to look or seem like.

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