Final Word from Monday, February 15, 2021

The 13 regional governors and mayor of Prague, who are predominantly from the opposition, called on the Czech government yesterday to declare a new two-week state of emergency, and the cabinet promptly acquiesced. The governors want to give the government and Parliament more time to agree on a new pandemic law. This law would endow ministers with many powers during a pandemic that they currently have at their disposal only during a state of emergency. No longer would Andrej Babiš need to go to Parliament every 30 days to curb the rights and freedoms of Czechs. The World Health Organization, as the authority that declares a pandemic, would become his chief overseer. This is the same WHO that Joe Biden's White House just castigated for its covid-19 investigation. Czech governors are oddly eager to insert the WHO, with its heavy Chinese influence, between the Bill of Rights and the Czech people, with Babiš as the WHO's local pandemic administrator. [ Czech Republic president Joseph United States China ]

Glossary of difficult words

to acquiesce - to accept something reluctantly but without protest;

to endow - to furnish or provide;

to curb - to restrain;

overseer - a person who supervises others, esp. workers;

to castigate - to reprimand or criticize severely.

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