Final Word from Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Tens of thousands of Czech parents don't know what to make of the government's efforts to tie the return of their children to school to regular coronavirus testing. It's not just the psychological effect of turning children into the biggest alleged source of infection without providing any convincing data, which in and of itself is a crime against humanity, to use a term that governments like to bandy about. There are also the practical aspects of what will happen if a child tests positive. Who will be required to go into quarantine and for how long? Entire families? Entire classes? Entire schools? Entire organizations? The fact that the government is saying very little about this raises suspicions and contributes to fake news. Is the government intentionally turning the CR into the world's worst corona case? Why does it insist on giving Germany even more reason to cut off cross-border movement? Is it "merely" a matter of incompetence, or is there something more? Parents don't know. [ Czech Republic covid-19 education ]

Glossary of difficult words

what to make of - how to understand;

to bandy about - to speak of in a casual way.

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