Final Word from Monday, February 22, 2021

In the latest CVVM, Kantar CZ, Median and STEM polls, ČSSD had an average rating of 7.20%. That's slightly below its 2017 parliamentary election result (7.27%). The best of the four polls for ČSSD was CVVM (10.5%), and the worst was Kantar CZ (4.0%). There's one more pertinent figure, 3.5%. That's ČSSD's rating when Kantar doesn't take into account the two multiparty coalitions (Pirates/STAN, and ODS/TOP 09/KDU-ČSL). Curiously, it's this 3.5% figure that Vice Chair Tomáš Petříček of ČSSD pulled out when he told Právo that his party doesn't have anything else to lose. "Without a change, our 3.5% voter support is going to be a reality this fall too," he said. He vows to change this as ČSSD's next chairman. But wouldn't it be more tactical and leader-like to quote CVVM's figure of 10.5% and to say that he wants to build on it? Unless, of course, Petříček's real assignment is to make sure ČSSD doesn't get into Parliament. In which case Andrej Babiš would lose a coalition partner. [ Czech Republic foreign minister ČSSD a.s. Czech TV Television ]

Glossary of difficult words

pertinent - relevant or applicable;

leader-like - resembling a leader.

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