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Unnamed members of the Czech intelligence community are reportedly concerned about the nomination of Dep. Interior Min. Jakub Kulhánek as foreign minister, because he was an outside adviser to CEFC Europe of China. Kulhánek has a top-level security clearance, but that means little when the real issue is money and politics, not the security of the country. Where were these anonymous intelligence experts in June 2016, when then-PM Bohuslav Sobotka was preparing to sign a secret memorandum in Beijing between ČSSD and the Chinese Communist Party, and his best friend and close adviser, lawyer Radek Pokorný, was working for CEFC? The agreement was scrapped when it was leaked to us, but it would have committed Sobotka to helping China improve its relations with the EU. By all means, let the vetters check up on Kulhánek again, but they should also take a close look at those who are leading the attack against him. They pose a far bigger security risk. [ Czech Republic Citic CITIC state-owned ]

Glossary of difficult words

to scrap - to abolish, cancel or abandon (a plan, policy or law);

vetter - someone who investigates (vets) someone thoroughly, esp. in order to ensure that he or she is suitable for a job requiring secrecy, loyalty or trustworthiness.

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