Final Word from Thursday, June 17, 2021

If the mainstream U.S. media hadn't been so negative toward Donald Trump, some of the pressing problems now being addressed by his successor, Joe Biden, would be more manageable. Remember how tough CNN, the New York Times and others were on Trump for his policies on immigration, ending the "endless" wars, reforming international organizations, confronting China and coming to terms with Russia? Remember how the Czech mainstream media adopted an identical approach, as if being under orders from what Trump called the Deep State? Not so surprisingly, yesterday's reporting from Geneva didn't differ much from the anti-Trump playbook. Reporters pressed Biden to be even tougher on Vladimir Putin regarding cybersecurity and Alexei Navalny. Biden is allowing himself to be driven into the position of having his success in dealing with Russia defined by two topics he has almost no control over. Czechs and other U.S. allies are willing accomplices in this. [ Czech Republic United States summit Switzerland Joseph never-ending ]

Glossary of difficult words

playbook - a book containing a sports team's strategies and plays, especially in American football;

accomplice - a person who helps another commit a crime.

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