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Ordering groceries for home delivery has never been easier if you live in one of the cities being served. The business took off during the covid lockdowns, because people were scared to go out. Taxis offer a similar service (transportation of something from one place to another), but they fared much worse during the height of the crisis. People forced by the government to stay at home didn't need to be carried around, and they were also watching their spending. Taxi drivers are dreading the idea of another lockdown, whereas some investors and managers in food-delivery are secretly hoping that delta will provide another bonanza. They should be careful what they hope for. Health issues aside, the long-term success of the sector will depend upon customers continuing to value their time more than what they pay someone else. Once "rich" Czechs face the reality that covid has impoverished them, paying to have their groceries schlepped to their door will be one of the first items they cut. [ Czech Republic grocery covid-19 coronavirus ]

Glossary of difficult words

to take off - to become successful or popular;

to dread - to anticipate with great apprehension or fear;

to impoverish - to make poor;

to schlep/schlepp - to haul or carry (something heavy of awkward).

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