Final Word from Thursday, August 5, 2021

It's one thing for Health Min. Adam Vojtěch to declare confidently on television that the government considers vaccination to be the "final solution" to the corona crisis, and quite another for him to have to explain in an order approved by the cabinet why it isn't. This is very likely one of the main reasons his ministry was so slow to comply with the numerous orders by the Supreme Administrative Court to justify its pandemic regulations. Justice Petr Mikeš of the Court told Czech Radio on Mon. that he doesn't know why the ministry didn't comply but that it must either be because of sloppiness or an effort to make it impossible for the Court to review the validity of the reasons. Thanks to Mikeš and his colleagues, Vojtěch has now been required to state officially that the vaccines are less effective against certain variants, that fully vaccinated individuals might get sick repeatedly, and that they might transmit the disease. When you push a product, you never like to talk about the downside. [ Czech Republic minister senate Radiožurnál Czech TV Television law put a period to tečka ]

Glossary of difficult words

to comply - to act in accordance with a wish or command;

sloppiness - lack of care and organization;

to push (a product) - to promote the use, sale or acceptance of; to sell (a narcotic drug) illegally;

downside - the negative aspect of something otherwise regarded as good or desirable.

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