Final Word from Monday, October 25, 2021

STAN Chair Vít Rakušan told Právo that he's flattered to be asked by numerous people whether he might run for president but that he's not sure he has enough experience in life and enough wisdom to hold the office. He's 43 and has plenty of business, teaching and political experience under his belt. He qualifies to run, because the only real requirement for the Senate and the presidency is a minimum age of 40 at the time of the election. The Constitution also inherently assumes that such candidates will have a certain level of experience and wisdom, yet under Art. 66, the powers of the president may be taken away from the head of state and bestowed upon someone who does not meet the minimum requirements for serving as president. This could be the case of Chair Markéta Pekarová Adamová of TOP 09, who is expected to become speaker of the House. She might assume many of the president's duties, but at 37, she couldn't be elected president. It's a constitutional anomaly. [ Czech Republic mayors chairwoman Miloš Zeman Parliament ]

Glossary of difficult words

underage - (of a person) too young to engage legally in a particular activity;

under one's belt - safely or satisfactorily achieved, experienced or acquired;

inherently - in a permanent, essential or characteristic way;

to bestow - to confer or present (an honor, right or gift);

anomaly - something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected.

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