Final Word from Monday, November 1, 2021

Journalist Tomáš Etzler, a member of the editorial board of Seznam Zprávy, caused a stir on Twitter by writing that, "The unvaccinated don't die fast enough." He explained himself yesterday on Facebook by saying the vast majority of the newly infected and hospitalized are unvaccinated. TV Nova addressed this last night and quoted Dep. Health Min. Martina Koziar Vašáková as saying that those who intentionally don't get vaccinated pose a secondary threat to the availability of healthcare for others. The problem with the logic of both Etzler and Vašáková is that some vaccinated people pose a greater threat than some unvaccinated people, only it's difficult to tell in advance who is who. If the delta+ variant truly is as infectious as Vašáková and other health experts will soon be telling us that it is, it won't be sufficient to wish for the quick death of the unvaccinated, because many vaccinated people will be spreading and catching the new variant just as much. Vašáková probably knows this and will no doubt be among those pushing to lock down Etzler and other vaccinated people right alongside the unvaccinated. [ Czech Republic Televizní noviny evening news CNN Prima News Partie delta plus ]

Glossary of difficult words

a stir - a commotion; an uproar;

(right) alongside - at the same time as, or in coexistence with.

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