Final Word from Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The New Yorker attributed Andrej Babiš's ouster as Czech PM to the Pandora Papers. "A poll would eventually suggest that 8% of voters in Babiš's party had turned against him because of the offshore revelations," the magazine wrote last week. "Babiš failed to win enough seats to form a government. It was a quieter effect than the mass demonstrations that had brought down the prime minister of Iceland," but Babiš was out. The Kantar CZ poll for Czech TV that was cited also found that the scandal caused 4% of non-voters to go to the polls and vote for ANO, while 14% of non-voters ended up voting and choosing someone else. We did the math and found that if the Pandora Papers attracted about 400,000 additional voters to ANO and the "democratic" parties (Spolu and PirStan), which is in line with the findings of the Kantar poll, it probably means the scandal increased voter turnout so much that ANO's potential partners ČSSD and Přísaha failed to make it into Parliament. [ Czech Republic Pirates STAN Televison survey Jan Robert Oath ]

Glossary of difficult words

ouster - removal or dismissal from a position;

revelation - a surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others.

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