Final Word from Thursday, November 18, 2021

One year ago on Freedom and Democracy Day, it was illegal for anyone - including family members - to have more contact with anyone else than was strictly necessary. This year on Freedom and Democracy Day, PM Andrej Babiš announced that unvaccinated people will not be allowed to visit restaurants, hotels, gyms and other establishments as of Monday. The preamble to the Czech Constitution speaks of the "inviolable values of human dignity and freedom," but the pandemic law casts these values aside. Instead of doing everything within their power to ensure that all people may enjoy human dignity and freedom, the governments of the world, with the support of the media and global business, use the nuclear option first and indiscriminately withdraw freedoms for entire groups. The vast majority of the people go along with it, yet the virus remains. Which means that the vaccinated will be the next to see their liberties canceled. Unfreedom is becoming the default. [ Czech Republic Struggle Fight Nov. 17 1989 Velvet Revolution essential ]

Glossary of difficult words

the default - the preselected option when no alternative is specified; the standard;

inviolable - absolute; never to be broken, infringed or dishonored;

nuclear option - the most drastic or extreme response possible to a particular situation;

indiscriminately - in a random manner; unsystematically.

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