Final Word from Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Brno Regional Court upheld an Kč 80,000 fine and two-year professional ban for road-traffic expert Petr Vlk for falsely blaming a traffic accident on the victim, and not the offender. "If the expert witnesses lie to us," said lead judge Miroslav Dlouhý, "they can torpedo the entire proceedings." Keep this in mind as you read an oft-quoted tweet from Dr. Col. Roman Chlíbek, head of the Czech Vaccination Society. It says that the "incidence of covid-19 in the unvaccinated is 284/100,000, but among the vaccinated with two doses 54/100,000, and in the three-dose group only 7/100,000. Clear proof that vaccination works." If vaccination is such a clear winner, why does Chlíbek insist on lying to us by failing to mention that the vaccinated have had little reason to get tested, unlike the unvaccinated? This skews the results to the point of making them unreliable. If the experts lie to us, they can torpedo the entire proceedings. An officer and a physician should understand this. [ Czech Republic vaccine booster plk. prof. MUDr. Roman Chlíbek, Ph.D. ]

Glossary of difficult words

misconduct - unacceptable or improper behavior, esp. by an employee or professional person;

to skew - to make biased or distorted in a way that is regarded as inaccurate, unfair or misleading.

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