Final Word from Thursday, November 25, 2021

From day one of the pandemic, emphasis was on saving lives at almost any cost. Just before declaring the first state of emergency in March 2020, PM Andrej Babiš said that lives come first, and only then money. A week later he said that wearing masks at work was a matter of life and death. Before the autumn lockdown he said that we must fight for every life. Yes indeed, lives were sacred back then, but then the emphasis changed abruptly once vaccines became available. Getting shots in arms was the new goal. As far as he knows, Babiš said in MFD today, the reason the health ministry stopped recognizing PCR tests for visiting restaurants and other places was mainly to motivate people to get vaccinated, and that it has worked. No doubt it has increased the vaccination rate, but undoubtedly also the death rate, because testing is a near-term way to find and isolate the virus, whereas vaccines don't kick in for weeks. What is it about these mRNA vaccines that make the priorities change? [ Czech Republic MF Dnes fall ]

Glossary of difficult words

to kick in - to come into effect or operation.

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