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Niccolò Machiavelli advised his Prince that princedoms are either hereditary or acquired and that new princedoms are either wholly new or made up of appendages that are added to existing hereditary possessions. Omicron I is conquering Europe and the rest of the West, and his is a princedom that is built on the possessions of predecessors and that is also being enlarged through quick acquisitions. To guard against an attacking prince, Machiavelli advised the cautious ruler to fortify the places he occupies and to take no heed of other territories. For whoever has thoroughly fortified the places he occupies and is on good footing with his subjects will be attacked with much circumspection. Omicron I was given a grand welcome in the West, and few attacking princes have been afforded such favorable conditions for their expansion. The defending armies are not on good footing with their leaders, and the defense is concentrated mainly on those who can easily fend for themselves. [ Czech Republic varian delta omicron The Prince ]

Glossary of difficult words

reign - the period during which someone or something is predominant or pre-eminent; the period of rule of a monarch;

appendage - a thing that is added or attached to something larger or more important;

to take heed of - to pay attention to;

to be on good footing with - to have good relations with;

circumspection - caution; the quality of being wary and unwilling to take risks;

to fend for oneself - to look after and provide for oneself, without any help from others.

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