Final Word from Monday, March 7, 2022

MP Marek Ženíšek of TOP 09, who chairs Parliament's foreign committee, wrote on Twitter on Sat. that a no-fly zone over Ukraine can't be taboo and that the way to start is with a limited no-fly zone involving Nato and non-Nato countries. Ex-diplomat Petr Kolář told TV Prima yesterday (at 51m45s) that he would very much like it if the Poles and Czechs agreed with the Britons on helping Ukraine to guard its airspace. However, when PM Petr Fiala was asked whether Volodymyr Zelensky's plea for a no-fly zone would be heeded, he stated succinctly that it will not be and that all Nato countries have said this clearly. It would mean entering into open conflict with Russia and risking a third world war, he said. Yet Foreign Min. Jan Lipavský was less emphatic when he told Czech TV on Fri. that a no-fly zone would mean getting "directly involved in the conflict, which we truly cannot afford to do at this time." It's the words in italics (added by us) that are making some people so nervous. [ Czech Republic CNN ODS U.K. United Kingdom UK ]

Glossary of difficult words

no-fly zone - an area over which aircraft are forbidden to fly, esp. during a conflict;

succinctly - in a brief and clearly expressed manner;

emphatic - expressing something forcibly and clearly.

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