Final Word from Monday, March 14, 2022

PM Petr Fiala said at a security conference at the Castle on Thur. that Vladimir Putin is intentionally causing millions of people to flee from Ukraine as a way to weaken and destabilize all of Europe and is also intentionally causing energy prices to rise. We must keep this in mind and react on the national and international level, he said. He then went on to provide a brief analysis of the refugee situation. He predicted that the composition of the refugees will change in the coming days and that people who are "simply fleeing" will start arriving. Most of those who are arriving so far already have acquaintances or relatives here, he said, and know what to expect. In other words, those in the first wave will adapt more easily and will know how to find work, while those who come later will proportionately be more reliant on the social-welfare system. How exactly does giving the best opportunities to those who need help the least not play into Putin's plan to weaken and destabilize Europe? [ Czech Republic economic Russia Ukrainians ]

Glossary of difficult words

composition - the makeup or constitution of a thing or group;

to play into - to help support (something, such as an idea).

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