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Some Czech parents who want more for their children than their government does will find a way to get around the expected decision of the Fiala government to cancel the second required foreign language in school. There are private schools, language schools, online courses and tutors that can be used to prepare a child linguistically for the world, but it takes a special initiative that not every child or parent has or will be able to afford. One of the chief effects of the school shutdown during covid was to further disadvantage the children who lacked initiative on their own or didn't have parents with the wherewithal to go up against an all-powerful covid industry that was willing to sacrifice the futures of our most valuable contributions to this earth. The gap between the children who were preparing well for the world and those who were lagging for whatever reason tended to widen while schools were empty. Canceling the second language will make school "easier" for everyone but will also cause the gap between these groups of children to widen even further, and the overall division in society along with it. [ Czech Republic German French Italian Spanish Russian mandatory Petr ]

Glossary of difficult words

gap - a difference, esp. an undesirable one, between two views or situations;

wherewithal - the money or other means needed for a particular purpose;

to lag - to fail to keep up with another or others in movement or development.

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