Final Word from Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Russia cut off natural-gas deliveries as of today to Poland, which Czech PM Petr Fiala said constitutes further escalation and a violation of valid contracts. It is further proof, he said, that we must gradually end our dependence on Russian fossil fuels. It's the word "gradually" that is causing Czech industry so much stress. House Speaker Markéta Pekarová Adamová and Czech MEPs want an "immediate" severance, and Fiala and his Polish and Slovenian counterparts have called in their 10-point plan for ending all payments to Russia for oil, gas and coal "as soon as possible." The latest development with regard to Poland (and Bulgaria) fits into this vague time frame and should theoretically be welcomed by the Czech and Polish governments. It's perhaps necessary war positioning to blame the gas cutoff on Russia alone, but Fiala is also part of it. If he already knows when the escalation will bring about a cutoff of Russian gas to Czechs too, it would be nice for him to let them know. [ Czech Republic European Parliament EU Politico cut-off TOP 09 ODS ]

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severance - the action of ending a connection or relationship.

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