Final Word from Monday, June 27, 2022

If STAN were charged in the DP Praha scandal under the law on corporate criminal liability, as ANO Vice Chair Radek Vondráček speculated yesterday on TV Prima, it would take years before a final court ruling were handed down. Going against STAN is the likelihood that it did in fact receive "material benefit" from criminal activity in the form of political donations from those charged in the scandal. Important would be the question of, "What did STAN Chair Vít Rakušan know, and when did he know it?" Even more important might be what ex-STAN Chair Petr Gazdík knew and when. This would be key for establishing whether STAN should be absolved of legal liability because it took appropriate steps to prevent unlawful behavior by its representatives. What Vondráček and the rest of ANO are apparently counting on is that the political pressure will continue to mount to the point that PM Petr Fiala has to kick STAN out of the cabinet, or that STAN falls apart on its own. [ Czech Republic CNN News responsibility accountability DPP ]

Glossary of difficult words

liability - the state of being legally responsible for something;

to absolve - to declare (someone) free from guilt, obligation or punishment.


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