Final Word from Thursday, August 11, 2022

Czechs aren't at war, but Finance Min. Zbyněk Stanjura is planning a war tax. It will be "brutal" and will apply to ČEZ, if to anyone, but Stanjura is somehow still expecting record dividend revenue from ČEZ next year. Czechs are supposed to save electricity, natural gas and motor fuels, and will soon presumably be forced by the EU to do so because the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is waging an energy war against Europe, but PM Petr Fiala took off on a fuel-guzzling vacation to Croatia. Czechs aren't at war, but people are being arrested and sent to jail for expressing opinions deemed to favor the enemy that isn't. Czechs aren't at war, but maximum temperatures will soon apply to people's homes, creating the need for a heat patrol that investigates denunciations from neighbors who get a whiff of hot air as they pass by. Czechs aren't at war, and they're not doing much anymore to help Ukraine fight its, but they're starting to learn how strange a permanent state of non-war can be. [ Czech Republic windfall sector ODS European Union Jozef Síkela ]

Glossary of difficult words

to guzzle - to eat, drink or consume (something) greedily;

to deem - to regard or consider in a specified way;

denunciation - the action of informing against someone.


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