Final Word from Monday, October 10, 2022

Interior Min. Vít Rakušan said in HN last week that the absolute priority of his ministry is to build defense structures against disinformation. He expounded on this on Czech TV last night, saying that his ministry will use a planned new law to shut down websites that "disrupt or endanger the security of the CR." Shortly before ČT aired this, it ran a clip of Energy Envoy Václav Bartuška saying that he definitely cannot promise that it won't be necessary to regulate energy this winter and that he doesn't think anybody can. "Regulation might be necessary," he said, "and it might be harsher than we can imagine right now. I definitely would not tell people everything is going to be okay." This statement from a top civil servant goes directly against what Rakušan and PM Petr Fiala have been saying for months. They have repeatedly assured people that enough energy has been secured for the winter. False statements about energy supplies clearly pose a threat to national security, so whom is Rakušan going to shut down with his new law? ČT, for spreading Bartuška's "disinformation," or the cabinet's own disinformation channels? [ Czech Republic Newsroom OVM Television STAN Hospodářské noviny ]

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to expound on - to present and explain (a theory or idea) in detail.

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