Final Word from Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Journalist Tomáš Etzler caused a stir a year ago when he wrote on Twitter that, "The unvaccinated aren't dying fast enough." He explained on Facebook that the vast majority of the newly infected and hospitalized were unvaccinated. How does it look one year later? Is there a statistical difference between the number of deaths of unvaccinated and vaccinated Czechs? Immunologist Zuzana Krátká told Týdeník Echo that she and her colleagues have been trying to get the necessary data from the ÚZIS health institute and VZP insurer for more than a year, without success. It would be possible to calculate the efficacy of the vaccines across age groups, she said, and also whether there's a correlation between vaccination/nonvaccination and the 10% drop in the birth rate this year. Health Min. Vlastimil Válek, who said in Aug. that the draconian covid measures had no major effect, should be eager to allow independent scientists to show that the vaccines he supports do indeed have a major effect. But he isn't. [ Czech Republic inoculation medical ]

Glossary of difficult words

stir - commotion;

efficacy - the ability to produce a desired or intended result.

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