Final Word from Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Ipsos, the only major poll since nine candidates were approved to run for Czech president in Jan., shows Andrej Babiš leading with 29.7%, followed by Petr Pavel (25.3%) and Danuše Nerudová (25.0%). Together, Pavel and Nerudová have 50.3% of the vote. When the other two candidates of the ruling parties are included (Pavel Fischer with 6.4%, and Marek Hilšer with 4.2%), the number rises to 60.9%. An earlier poll by Kantar CZ came up with a similar figure, 59.5%. Half of all voters are still undecided, but pressure is nevertheless mounting for Fischer and Hilšer to step aside for either Pavel or Nerudová. Czech TV's 168 hodin said that this is probably the only way Babiš would not be assured of a second-round appearance. Yet if Pavel and Nerudová could each get enough to push out Babiš, one or the other of them without the other could also probably get more than 50% and win outright in the first round. So if Fischer and Hilšer should step aside, why not also either Pavel or Nerudová? [ Czech Republic survey opinion final ODS Spolu KDU-ČSL STAN Television ]

Glossary of difficult words

to gang up against - to join together in order to intimidate or oppose someone;

outright - in a clear and undisputed way.

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